Grievance letter of Muhammad Dawood Siawash father of Yama Siawash (due to disregard of afghanistan government to martyrdom case of Yama Siawash) to UN security council

December 23, 2020

His Excellency the President of the UN Security Council!

My son Yama Siawash, advisor to Da Afghanistan Bank, was assassinated in a mysterious conspiracy in a governmental vehicle explosion on November 7, 2020, which I picked up his fleshes with my own hands and bury him. And now due to the lack of attention by the Government of Afghanistan and the Bank in this regard, with tears and sighs and sighs from the tyranny of the Afghanistan government I am writing this appeal to you.

The Government of Afghanistan and the Central Bank of Afghanistan has remained silent on this tragic case for a week after martyrdom of my son Yama Siawash. And so I wrote the following complaint in this regard and published it in the issue (260) of Armghan-e-Mille newspaper on Monday, November 16, 2020.

“Complaint Letter: On the government’s deadly and questionable silence in martyrdom of Yama Siawash, the journalist, calligrapher, painter, poet and writer

Monday, 16th November 2020

“Losing him (Yama Siawash) is a great loss not only for his people in Afghanistan, but for the humanity.” says: Dr. Aparna Serio Estava, the dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Noida International University

Recruitment of Yama Siawash by Da Afghanistan Bank:

Yama Siawash was recruited by the Central Bank of Afghanistan, also known as Da Afghanistan Bank at the repeated and adamant requests of the governor of the bank. After the spokesperson position of the Central Bank changed into a different one, the governor of the bank decided to have the ex-spokesman introduce Yama Siawash as his successor.

However, Yama Siawash did not accept the position as he had previously been critical of the government’s actions in numerous instances. Consequently, as a result, the governor of the bank decided to assign him the bank’s advisor. Although he again expressed his disagreement with the position of advisor, because his field of study was political science, but at the insistence of the governor of the bank, he finally agreed.

Less than few weeks after taking office, he was mysteriously martyred by a bomb blast in a government vehicle belonging to Da Afghanistan Bank.

The questions and ambiguities that we, his family, have about this mysterious murder and martyrdom of Yama Siawash are as follows:

1- The government’s service car which carried Yama Siawash from home to the bank was equipped with GPS. On the last Thursday before the assassination, the car returned to the bank after taking Yama Siawash home, so it must have been parked at the parking lot of the bank. Then, it was detonated on Saturday while taking Yama Siawash from home to the office.

An investigation must be carried out on the commuting route of the bank’s service car and its stops on its way from the bank to Makrourian 4 through GPS, covering the date of the aforementioned assignment through the date explosion took place.

2- As the bank’s service car must have been parked in the bank’s parking lot, and as the parking lot is monitored by surveillance cameras, the footages of bank’s surveillance cameras from the date he was assigned the position to the day of the accident must be investigated.

3- It is said that all movements of motorized vehicles around the Presidential Citadel (the Arg) are surveilled by a balloon floating over the Arg. Thus, the data gathered by that balloon during the same period; that is, from the date Yama Siawash took over his position until the day of explosion, must be examined.

4- The results of an overall investigation can be deemed complete only once the data collected from the GPS of the car, bank’s surveillance cameras, the surveillance balloon floating over the Arg, CD’s of security cameras installed at junctions of the route from the bank to Makrorayan 4th kept at Kabul’s Security Headquarters corroborate one another.

5- It is said that explosion was not caused by a sticking-type mine because at the time of explosion Yama Siawash was blown away upward and the ground was dug. This shows the complexity of the explosion and ambiguity of the type of bombing.

6- Experts say that the bomb planted in the car was not a time bomb as the congestion in Kabul’s traffic makes it impossible to predict how long it would take the car to get from the bank to Makrorayan 4th. Besides, Yama Siawash did not frequent his office at fixed hours. Therefore, there is a possibility of explosion via remote control.

What even further arouses the justified suspicion of Yama Siawash’s family is the fact that whereas Da Afghanistan Bank’s Administration is expected to launch investigations to identify the perpetrators of this heinous attempt, it sets up a fake mourning ceremony on its own during these horrible and heart wrenching moments and even invites Yama Siawash’s family – an invitation which was declined – only to cover up his shed blood.

In addition, the governor of the bank called Yama Siawash’s father after a day or two from the event and spoke in total indifference and cold blood of the cooperation of the security offices, the bank’s management refused to cooperate with the bodies who were interested in finding out the truth.

Due to such a highly complex technical situation Yama Siawash’s family wants that:

1- The murderer who managed to plant the explosives in the car must be identified through examining the GPS of the car, the bank’s surveillance cameras, the surveillance balloon floating over the Arg, as well as the security cameras of roads and junctions on the route between the bank and Makrorayan 4th. Until then, we will not point the finger of blame at anyone.

2- If the competent authorities refrain from cooperation in finding the murderer, as by law those who hides a murderer are murderers themselves, we will claim against those authorities.

3- As the investigation of Yama Siawash’s murder requires professional insight, in the event that the recordings of the surveillance cameras are tampered with, we reserve the right to request a neutral criminalistics technique panel from the United Nations to convince us.

4- We want the government to identify Yama Siawash’s murderer as soon as possible, bring him to justice at a fair trial and punish him in accordance with the provisions of the law.

5- Until the facts and documents related to the martyrdom of Yama Siawash are clarified, we shall consider immature hence of no validity any misjudgments published on Facebook and other social media.

6- We believe that the silence, indifference and even the prejudiced justifications of the bank and the government during the week following Yama Siawash’s martyrdom are raising questions. We request the UN’s office to exert pressure on the Afghan government so that it identifies and detains the perpetrators of this murder in no time.

7- If ever the government tries to leave the file of Yama Siawash’s murder into oblivion, the way it has routinely done with such cases during the past twenty years, we shall reserve our right to file our complaint with the ICCT The Hague.

8- It is still a question for us why and how Yama Siawash who was not a high-ranking government official, was not member of a party, and lived in the environment like other citizens without fear and threat, was targeted and murdered in such a complex, tragic and sad formula and the government remains so calm in response to this disaster.

9- For me, Mohammad Dawood Siawash, Yama Siawash’s father and heir, the priority is to establish his right as a servant of God, identify his murderer and take him to justice. If I ever fail to defend my son’s blood, life shall bear no meaning to me.

As a grieved father I swear to my blood-bathed martyred son that:

If I do not claim your blood,

Oh, my child, o my soul,

Death be to me, curse be on my soul

Death be to me and my shameful future.

10- The deadline for response to the questions and inquiries raised herein above is one month from the date they are raised. The government must find the murderer otherwise the government itself is the murderer.

I am sending this complaint letter to the following recipients via the Internet:

The President

The governor of Da Afghanistan Bank

The Speaker of the Parliament or “Wolousi Jerga”

UN’s Representative Office in Kabul (UNAMA)

Human Rights Independent Commission

ICCT the Hague

Ministry of Interior affairs

National directorate of security

Attorney General

Mohammad Dawood Siawash

Father of the Martyred Yama Siawash”

His Excellency President of the UN Security Council!

As mentioned above, in the complaint letter, the deadline for handling the complaints was set from November 16, 2020 to December 16, 2020. Unfortunately, during this period, the Government of Afghanistan and the bank did not pay attention to any of the cases mentioned in the complaint letter, the cases of this negligence are as follows:

1- Afghanistan Bank failed to answer the questions of the fact-finding board of the Afghan House of Representatives (parliament)

2- The Bank did not respond to the following media outlets whose statements are quoted below:

– Tolo News:

(The central bank refuses to provide information about the explosion to its employees.)

– Salam Watandar Farsi

(13 days after the death of Yama Siawash and his colleagues, the leadership of the Central Bank has remained silent and has not said anything to the media)

– Danesh Karokhel, head of Pajhwok News Agency:

(The information that was shared with us «from the short film of the Bank’s camera» was not complementary and did not satisfy us.)

– Access to informations commission:

(The central bank is one of the most closed government institutions for information.)

– Killid group:

(The Central Bank did not cooperate on the case of Yama Siawash.)

– Arman Melli newspaper:

(Circles within the government system are trying to not disclose the Central Bank file.)

– 8 am newspaper:

(More than a month later, the assassination of Yama Siawash is still unclear.)

– Institutions supporting journalists:

(Details of the assassination of central bank employees must be provided.)

– Subh-e-kabul:

(The complexity of the Siawash case; the first node is in the Central Bank.)

As seen above, the bank and the government as a whole did not cooperate with the parliament and the media during the deadline period. Furthermore, Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s first vice president, mocked the media’s outcry regarding the assassination.

Reasons that place the burden of Yama Siawash martyrdom responsibility on the bank:

1- Yama Siawash himself did not apply for a position in the bank, but with the repeated insistence and request of the governor of Afghanistan Bank, he was appointed to that office, that the cold blood, indifference, silence and lack of cooperation in finding and identifying the killer raises the possibility that perhaps Yama Siawash was attracted to the bank according to the plan-trap to martyr him.

2- The whole story of the explosion and the martyrdom of Yama Siawash took place in the area of observation of (GPS) of the bank vehicle, bank cameras, surveillance blimp and routes cameras, and the bank did not allow access to these documents in the bank and perpetrators still haven’t been identified.

3- The publication of the vague statement of the bank after 13 days from the incident, increases the suspicion on the governor of the bank.

4- Holding funeral ceremony for Yama Siawash “as a kinder midwife than the mother” in the bank, and at the same time closing the bank doors to journalists and parliament, once again shows the governor of the bank as a suspect in this case.

The lack of seriousness and lack of follow-up by President Ghani in the following cases regarding the martyrdom of Yama Siawash is questionable:

1- On the first day of the incident, President Ghani could convene a meeting with the governor of the bank, the interior minister and the head of national security directorate to instruct them during the first two weeks of the deadline, to check all cameras, surveillance blimp, (GPS) of the vehicle and routes cameras, from the date of Yama Siawash’s appointment to the bank until the day of the accident and identify the perpetrators, but he did not do that.

  1. President Ghani could have instructed the governor of the bank to answer questions of journalists and the parliamentary fact-finding board, but he did not.

3- President Ghani could have instructed to launch an investigation about the explosives (RDX) placed in the bank governmental vehicle, which its type and weight were diagnosed after the explosion of bank’s governmental vehicle by Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president,  that how these explosives, which according to the first vice president are only accessible to governments, are embedded in the bank car, but he did not do that.

4- The president could have asked the officials why, out of the total travel time of Yama Siawash to the office by bank car, they only showed selective images to reporters after 18 days, which did not satisfy them. But the president did not do so.

5- The President could have prevented the contradictory and justification statements of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, which contradicted the statements of the First Vice President, and questioned him for misleading misinformation. But he did not do so.

Due to the disregard of the government and the bank for the petitions contained in the complaint and the deadline, we doubt that:

1- The governor of the bank did not cooperate with the media and the parliament in order to manipulate the cameras and (GPS) of the vehicle.

2- The insistence of the governor of the bank in recruiting Yama Siawash was a devised plot to assassinate him.

3- President Ghani’s support for Ajmal Ahmadi, the bank’s governor, for not answering the questions of the parliament’s fact-finding board and the above-mentioned journalists puts him in the position of supporting Ajmal Ahmadi, the governor of the bank.

For the above reasons, it can be concluded that:

President Ghani and Ajmal Ahmadi, the governor of the Bank, for reasons that are not yet clear to us, do not want or cannot identify the killer of Yama siawash and bring him to justice, we therefore refer to the UN Security Council for the following reasons:

1- Because President Ghani supports Ajmal Ahmadi, and at the same time, after the presidential election crisis, President Ghani has appointed the President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney general, the Minister of Interior and the head of national directorate of security, and there is no independent judiciary institution in Afghanistan.

2- While the killer of my son Yama Siawash has not been identified in the past due to the lack of attention of President Ghani and Ajmal Ahmadi, if I present the case in such a way that the concealers of the murderer of Yama Siawash are the murderers themselves, will not my life and my family be endangered in this government where my son was martyred? Do I, as an individual, have the power to confront a state to prove my right within that government? Which I never have.

3- While I have neither money nor a gun and the only means of defending the blood of my martyr son is my pen, how can I raise my voice against Ajmal Ahmadi, who was born in the world’s greatest power and president Ghani who is on power by the support of USA?

I call on the UN Security Council, as the most authoritative global body and the last complaint reference in the world to:

1- My family should be provided with safe and secure conditions so that I can file a lawsuit against the killer, the perpetrator of the murder and the supporter of the perpetrator of the murderer of my son and sue loudly and boldly in prestigious international courts.

2- Make this possible for me to have a defense lawyer, consultants and experts to cooperate with me in the necessary cases of litigation.

With respect and demand for justice,

Mohammad Dawood Siawash, father of martyr Yama Siawash

This letter is sent via the Internet to the following authorities:

1- UN Security Council

2- United Nations Office in Kabul (UNAMA)

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